Zodiac Charm - Gemini

Zodiac Charm - Gemini

Hermina Athens
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Hermina Athens is a selection of timeless pieces influenced by a rich heritage rooted in Greek mythology and art.
The elements of asymmetry, roughness and appreciation of tradition give birth to unique jewelry leading the mind to a journey adorned with the sights and sounds of Greek life.

With a deep love and respect for the beauty of the imperfect, to which we all owe our uniqueness, we create small heirloom-quality treasures to be passed on from mothers to daughters.

You can easily slide this charm on all our delicate chains!

Handcrafted 24ct gold plated pendant featuring a hand-drawn zodiac design. The name of the sign is embossed on the back making it ideal to wear from both sides.

The perfect present.


Charm diameter: 1.6cm  (0.6 inches (approx.), battered front, polished back
Materials: Sterling Silver 925
Gold Plating: 1-2 microns