Our Values

We believe in building up and empowering our local community, living sustainably, and always being open to discovery

What does Community as a value mean to us?

At Muz & Rose, we believe in building up and empowering our local community through:

  • Sourcing products from local craftsmen, artists & makers
  • Hosting community gatherings & events 
  • Incubating young and emerging local brands through our seasonal-residency and pop-share programs 
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment by always celebrating and promoting diversity and acceptance at every step of the way. 
  • Local charitable donations. As of 7/2/2020 we have donated: $50 to The Ampersand Pantry Project providing free meals during the pandemic in Leesburg with more to come! We appreciate any suggestions on local charities doing good work!

What does Sustainability as a value mean to us?

At Muz & Rose we believe in having a positive impact on the environment and sustainability is the first thing we consider in everything we do through:

  • Sourcing locally = sourcing sustainably -  minimal shipping & packing pollution
  • Choosing quality over quantity - We are unwavering in our commitment to sourcing quality products because no matter the brand, buying things that are well-made and consist of high-quality materials is more eco-friendly than buying lower-quality pieces because they'll last longer and need to be replaced less often. 
  • Working with closed-loop sustainable brands that can control their environmental and social impacts by owning and operating every step of the process.
  • Buying Vintage & Second-hand -Mixed into the shop you’ll find a curated collection of well-made vintage and thrifted items. We think it’s crazy how many quality garments people get rid of. We love being able to find those, put them back to use and help be a part of the solution to reducing waste in this industry. You can be a part of the solution too! Check out our Buy, Sell & Trade Program here!
  • Using compostable mailers for any shipped orders from https://www.noissue.co

What does Discovery as a value mean to us?

At Muz & Rose we believe in living life open to discovery. This is the value that is the most important to us and the hardest to define. We want Muz & Rose to be a space full of whimsy, magic, connection, meaning, learning, curiosity, inclusion and empowerment. We hope to do this through:

  • Hosting community-driven Classes & Workshops that bring people together, provide meaningful interactions, teach new skills & offer a range of creative hands-on experiences.
  • Sourcing exciting products that bring joy to your life in the hopes you might discover your favorite new designer, artist, musician, craftsman, author, jeweler, emerging brand, etc.
  • Discover thoughtfully and well-made items that bring you confidence and you can feel good about purchasing.

"Come walk with us and wonder a little, we hope you'll stay a while..."