Europa Necklace - Onyx + Sterling Silver

Europa Necklace - Onyx + Sterling Silver

Sun & Selene
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SUN & SELENE was created by Brittanny DeRaffele and is based in Richmond, Virginia. She was born in Texas, but because she is from a Caribbean lineage, the Virgin Islands are in her blood and continue to draw her to the beauty of the ocean, the sun, and the tropics.

Brittanny started her first semi-collection of pieces with a vision of classic goddesses and the stories surrounding them; designed for modern day. The idea of an ancient people being adorned with jewelry crafted of metal and gemstones, long before the conveniences of modern tools, has always fascinated and inspired her design process. With a degree from Radford University (2010) in fashion merchandising and design, along with a minor in studio art and metalsmithing, she knew it was a natural progression after college to merge the two into a career.

 SELENE, the goddess and ancient personification of the moon, was the inspiration for the first ring in the collection that started this journey and sparked the evolution of the current line.

In January 2017, the full renaissance of the brand was complete and SUN & SELENE was born. 

Carefully hand fabricated, hammered, polished, and finished; each piece that comes out of the studio is crafted by hand in small batches using recycled metals and natural gemstones.


  • EUROPA is one of Jupiter’s 79 moons and known as 1 of the 4 Galilean moons. In Greek Mythology, EUROPA was originally a Cretan moon goddess who was tricked by Zeus when he transformed himself into a majestic white bull. EUROPA, like our own moon, is tidally locked in orbit with Jupiter as they travel together around the sun. With an icy moon exterior, she is said to have a salty sea beneath surface.

  • Black onyx is a strength giving stone to look ahead into your future and for support in difficult times. forming a connection with the whole to align your energy with a higher power. balancing yin & yang and bestow personal strength.

  • Orbit necklace in sterling silver with onyx. Handcrafted in recycled sterling silver.

  • Adjustable 15”-19” chain, designed for layering

  • Revolves around you

+ each Sun & Selene piece comes with a lifetime of any needed repairs, sizing, cleaning, or polishing. customs or questions -

Description and photos by Brittanny DeRaffele