Two Tone Claw In Black + Beige

Two Tone Claw In Black + Beige

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Nat is short for Natalia and Noor means light in Arabic. Nat + Noor is a jewelry and accessory brand that encompasses light. Light to them means everything beautiful and lovely. Their brand is dedicated to clean simple aesthetic, fun colors, and delighting the customer! They put a lot of time and energy into curating beautiful designs and great quality. Nat + Noor are all about the practical, yet fun combo! The goal is to spread more NOOR!

At Nat + Noor, the material used for their clips is a cellulose acetate, which is a non-petroleum base coming from wood pulp making it renewable & sustainable resource. They are intentionally trying to be transparent about their process and are constantly trying to improve and problem solve in order to lower environmental impact even more!

Photos by Nat + Noor

COLOR. Black & Beige
MATERIAL. Cellulose Acetate ~ renewable resource made from wood pulp, also a high quality durable material!
DIM. 2'' L 1.5'' W
STYLE. Claw Clip
HOLD. Strong Grip
* Comes with one claw
This is a high quality, durable claw clip made from cellulose acetate (much stronger and more durable than an acrylic material). This material costs more than acrylic material to produce. Cellulose acetate is less brittle and wont break as easily. It is also a renewable resource ~ the same material used for high-end eyewear frames. You might pay a little more but this claw will be last longer and the quality is far superior!