Twiggy Eco Sunglasses - Milky Sage

Twiggy Eco Sunglasses - Milky Sage

Reality Eyewear
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Reality – Vintage Inspired Sunglasses

Born from a passion for all things vintage, the Reality brand reinterprets vintage silhouettes through a contemporary lens. With a mantra to design sunglasses that are complimentary to all faces, Reality is the epitome of versatile and wearability. They use high-quality & recycled materials.

Dig it baby - strut down Carnaby St with this reinterpretation of London 60s chic, complete with super flat lenses to bring it into the now.

  • 100% RECYCLED
  • Robust Polycarbonate Lens      
  • Category 3 Lens on dark frames
  • Category 2 on Sage colourway            
  • Good UV Protection