To-Do Pad

To-Do Pad

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Appointed is based in Washington, DC and has been growing since being established in 2015. They pride themselves on making products you’ll not only want to use, but to keep. Appointed is active in making environmentally-conscious choices at every step of the process:

  • Their paper is carefully selected for its smooth, durable quality and for the way it is responsibly made. It is produced in an American paper mill that prioritizes sustainability and some of the features include being acid and chlorine-free, which means it's friendlier to our waterways. Additionally, it is made with 2/3 renewable energy and more than half of the energy to make our paper is made on-site with renewable biomass and zero-emission hydroelectric.
  • Their book cloth is one of the core materials in their product line is also proudly USA-made which means low-shipping impact and it is compliant with the latest EPA standards and guidelines. The material is completely biodegradable and constructed from a cotton-blend material making it odor-free and pH neutral.


The To-Do Pad

An everyday staple to write your to-do lists. Bookcloth binding with a brass foil accent.

  • 4" x 7".
  • Bound with a foil stamped bookcloth.
  • Smooth text weight stock.
  • 50 perforated sheets.

Photos and product description by Appointed