Rubellite Crystal

Rubellite Crystal

Natures Artifacts Inc
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Nature's Artifacts Inc. brings the natural world to you. Nature’s Artifacts was founded in 2004 with the vision of sharing the beauty, metaphysical healing power and life enhancing energy of Mother Nature’s natural resources in the form of crystals and gemstones. At Nature’s Artifacts, they specialize in beautiful, high quality, ethically sourced and hand-picked crystals.

They adhere to the principles of fair trade and work with reputable vendors & artisans who follow the essential criteria of minimum wage for workers, no child labor and environmental responsibilities such as hand mined crystals for minimum impact on environment.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario.

Rubellite is a combination of vibrant pink and ruby red color energies, creating a vibrational pattern that resonates deeply with the Heart Chakra. It stimulates the Root Chakra bringing life-force energies to nurture and heal the emotional body. Its grounding influence increases a zest for living and helps revitalize passion and joy. Rubellite strengthens the ability to understand love and promotes creativity. Ideal for meditation with its shielding protective energy at all levels. Perfect to be placed in home or office as a visually appealing décor that helps neutralize the harmful effects of EMF. Gorgeous gift for all occasion.


Origin: Brazil

Photo and description by Nature's Artifacts Inc.