Plum Pot Lip and Cheek Stain

Plum Pot Lip and Cheek Stain

Feel Good Love Thea
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FEEL GOOD. LOVE, THEA was born of a simple philosophy: less is more. Full of vitamins, fatty acids, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, simple plant-based ingredients such as seed oils, butters and flower distillates (aka hydrosols) provide more than enough nourishment and cleansing power for beautiful skin. Additionally, She tries to use organic ingredients whenever possible. It’s that simple. Minimally refined, ethically sourced, chemical free, botanical ingredients are the secret to feeling good about skin care, and in turn, your skin.

Thea McCarthy is a mother, wife and naturalist among other things. FGLT is a product of her experience being all those things, but also, a desire to feel good in her own skin. She believes life is complicated enough, skin care shouldn't have to be.


Plum Pot - There is nothing better than the natural feel of beeswax & plant oils on your lips: soft & supple yet protected, never sticky or drying.

beeswax, castor, grapeseed & rosehip seed oils, geranium, carrot seed & petitgrain essential oils, vitamin e, natural minerals

bold indicates organic

Lip stain so natural it does not require a full face of make up to wear. Just a smile. And so clean it does not require a special cleanser to remove. The color is plum red and can be layered to deepen. Best applied with a lip brush.


Photo and product description by Feel Good. Love, Thea.