Naturally Hand-dyed T-shirt - Light Green

Naturally Hand-dyed T-shirt - Light Green

Rosie Co. x ALR Dyeing
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We are so excited to bring you the first in our line of house-made Rosie co. products!

For this project, we partnered our friend, to create a custom line of naturally dyed t-shirts!!

The perfect fitting, luxuriously soft Egyptian cotton t-shirt - hand dyed with things that are good for you! 

This particular tee was dyed with a mix of:

Organic Hudson Valley Indigo

Foraged Goldenrod


**Each tee is hand-dyed with love and is one-of-a-kind, please appreciate these for their character**

About ALR Dyeing:

Dubbed the fashion worlds artisinal dyer by the NYTimes. Audrey Louise Reynolds uses right and left-brained instincts to create her dyes. All-natural ingredients, foraged and sourced from daily life, travels, and unexpected encounters. Everything from minerals, seaweed, squid ink, coral, shells, plankton, flowers, earth, can find its way into her boiling pot. But it's not a willy-nilly pinch-o-this-dash-o-that tizzy. No, it's science-based hypothesis that leads to trial and error experimentation, that leads to a give and take, adding and extracting and cooking and recording and sweating, to make these dyes and perfect these techniques. Yes, there's a free-form style she incorporates into any individual product, but it's only through a thorough examination of her material and its intended use that she's able to set the parameters for color. Each piece is hand-made and unique.