Midnight Oil Candle

Midnight Oil Candle

Tulip & Bear
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Tulip & Bear started as a passion project and grew into a business. The founder, Margaret Hunter, based out of Richmond, VA, wanted to make candles of the same high quality and refined aesthetic as the ones in her favorite designer candle shops, but at a fraction of the price.  

Tulip & Bear's candles are made in small batches of 8-10, hand-poured to ensure quality and preserve the artistry of the trade. Each candle is a true labor of love and they. smell. amazing.

non-toxic | eco-friendly | renewable | American grown | sustainable | carbon neutral 

Midnight Oil - smells of  jasmine and lavender top notes grounded by rich vanilla and sandalwood base notes and is infused with balsam oil to warm the room, and lavandin to promote concentration and relieve stress. Made with black wax, this handsome and inspiring candle is perfect for any workspace.


for the entrepreneur as they burn into the night

 Photo by Tulip & Bear