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Ally, the creator of Daily Magic, believes her life’s purpose is to help inspire, encourage and uplift people who are made of stardust. She lives and creates in the Northern Neck of Virginia, about 80 miles east of Richmond, on 4 acres of originally Cuttatwoman Indian Tribe land. Her and her husband built their house in 2017 and the Daily Magic studio, which sits about 100 yards from the house, followed in 2018.

Daily Magic is about helping people be their authentic selves.

Daily Magic uses two clay bodies in their jewelry work: porcelain and a speckled clay body. Earring hooks are made of a niobium hypoallergenic metal and are fantastic for sensitive ears. Earring posts are made from a surgical steel and are also great for sensitive ears.

Features a post + dangle. Porcelain and handpainted. Gilded with real gold detailing

Gold plated over brass French style ear wires - lead and nickel free

Stud posts are surgical steel and nickel free. Earring hooks are a hypoallergenic niobium (nickel free) earring wire.

Photos & Description by Daily Magic